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Missoula, MT | at South Gate Mall

Bozeman, MT | 3400 Laramie Dr.


Mobile Setup & Shield Install
We will set up your new tablet (iPad/Android) and install the latest software updates. If you purchased a screen protector, we’ll install that as well!
Price: $10 (Tablet setup) / $5 (Mobile Shield Install)
One-on-one trainingComputer Tune Up
We will diagnose and repair system performance issues including the following services: system updates, hard disk cleanup, removing unwanted/unused programs, cleaning up your home screen and/or quick-launch menus, and cleaning dust and other particles from your computer’s chassis.
Price: $50+ (Data Transfer) / $80 (Advanced)
One-on-one training1-ON-1 Class
Sit down with one of our Experts for a one-hour session. Learn how to use your computer or tablet, and they’ll answer any questions about your new tech you might have.
Price: $50
One-on-one trainingData Transfer or Backup
We will copy, back up, and transfer your personal documents, pictures, music, videos, and downloads.  Please note: advanced data transfers may be subject to additional fees.  Visit ON for more details.
Price: $50+
One-on-one training
Advanced Software Installation
We will install any software you purchase, including operating systems.  Additionally, we perform the initial setup and download updates for these programs.
Standard: $20 / Operating System: $100+
One-on-one trainingHardware Installation
We install additional RAM, hard drives, and other components.  Additionally, we will verify the new components function correctly and can back up your data for an additional fee.
Price: $50
One-on-one trainingVirus & Spyware Removal
We identify and remove any harmful or dangerous programs, files, trojans, and viruses. We also run a disk cleanup and provide education on prevention/maintenance to help avoid recurring issues in the future.
Price: $50+ (Mac) / $100 (Windows)
One-on-one trainingComputer Repair
We’ve partnered with Computer Guys, a local computer service firm, to serve as a drop-off point for any hardware repairs your computer needs.  Simply bring it to us for a diagnosis, and we’ll take it in.  You even get to pick it up right at our store for extra convenience!

Price: varies depending on warranty status, parts, and labor. Apple covers warranty repair on applicable products. For everything else, we diagnose the problem(s) and provide cost and time estimates before we begin repairs.

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