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About Us

Our Story as ON The band ON has roots as a power-driven 4-piece originating in Toronto, Canada in the late 90’s, comprised of members Lucy Di Santo, Steve Fall, Gord Reilly and Dan Cornelius. The band recorded in the acclaimed Toronto studios of Phase One (with Eric Ratz) and Manta Sound (with Bill Hermans). ON’s members have spent time with popular 90’s outfits Acid Test, Danko Jones and gone on to form and perform with bands Innerstate and Deliuss. The bandcontinued to stay active with various members’ side projects through the 2000’s. Live touring occurred in the US, Mexico, and Canada including two consecutive Edgefest performances at Molson Park, Barrie, Ontario. Recordings can be found on various CFNY-Edgefest and CMW New Music compilations, as well as a limited cassette tape release in Mexico with label Opcion Sonica. Fast-forward to 2019 and through a chance trip - three of the members reconnected in New York City. Di Santo, Fall and Cornelius met up in Manhattan at Funkadelic Studios for a 'fun jam’, and realized it was like no time had passed. Writing and recording was in full force. Currently, ON is a sonic guitar-based landscape centered around the undeniable chemistry of its core-members featuring Lucy Di Santo (vocals, bass), Dan Cornelius (drums), and Steve Fall (guitars). ON pays homage to its roots in classic and post-punk, new wave, old-school funk and timeless classic rock n’ roll. Well-crafted songs with an attention to arrangement, groove and performance a la carte, ON sets its sights with a global reach connecting with an audience that seeks out impactful and genre-defying music. “Fiery energy and ferocious edge bring rock n’roll to the highest level as elements of grunge and metal adapt to the fun-filled elevation of sound”, -Rowan Colver, DJ, UK. Toronto is still home to Di Santo and Fall, while Cornelius currently resides in NYC. The trio collaboratedand wrote material in Toronto and New York City, culminating with pre-production recording in Fort Myers, Florida in the winter of 2021 at the Star Sound Studios with Drew Howard. The band finished recording the album at Phase One Studios in Toronto with Darius Szczepaniak in Spring of 2022. Its self-titled record was released in September of 2022 on the band's own label, Indiestructable Records. Two radio and video singles ‘Underdog’ and ‘Blackmail’ have been released and are charting at community-based radio stations in the UK and Europe as well as US stations including Radio Boise on Sonic Mushroomcloud with DJ Joe Black, and other areas including Texas, Kansas, NJ, NY, Massachusetts, California and more. ON has recently assembled a great team made up of Shauna McLarnon of Shameless Promotion PR and Shaun Padilla of Happy Nomad booking based in Charlotte, NC. Beginning this February, the band is gearing up to do an extensive western US tour which will include California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Idaho. Thank you for the ongoing support and we hope to see y’all soon! -ON-